Green Wood Protect - Holzschutz

wood protection / wood stain / fire protection / waterproof / insect protection / uv protection / fireproof / surface protection / anti termite / anti mold / anti insect

Bauhoz Holz-Konstruktion

G5c greenwoodprotect construction für Bauholz & Holz-Konstruktionen

G5c has the same features as our top product G5, but the color is green-transparent.

G5c is exclusively for non-visible structural timber!

G5c greenwoodprotect construction® ist ein natürliches Holzschutzmittel auf biologisch-anorganischer Wasserbasis. Durch jahrelange Entwicklung haben wir mit G5c® einen Weg gefunden Holz vor Verwitterung, Feuer, Wasser, Schimmel, Pilzbefall, Insekten und UV-Strahlung zu schützen. 50 Jahre Garantie*

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anti termiten hozschutz

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G5 für Holz im INNENBEREICH:

Unbehandelte Hölzer im Innenbereich können durch die Imprägnierung mit G5 vor äußeren Einwirkungen dauerhaft geschützt werden. Dazu gehören z.B.:  Dachstühle, Balken, Möbel, Böden, Türen, Dämmstoffe aus Natur-oder Holzfasern, Holzwände, Arbeitsplatten u.ä.

G5 protects indoors from:
Mould, fungal attack, water (humidity), fire


Gilt auch für unbehandelte Hölzer im Außenbereich. Dazu gehören z.B.: • Holzhäuser, Gartenhäuser, Boote, Holz und Spielplatz-Konstruktionen, Faserdächer (Stroh/Reet, Palm- oder Bananenblätter etc.), Holzdächer, Gartenmöbel, Zäune, Terassen, Kunstobjekte u.ä.

G5 provides highly effective outdoor protection against:
Weathering, water, UV radiation, fire, insects (e.g. aggressive termites), mould and fungal attack.


The professional application of wood preservative is carried out by:
1. application with paint roller or brush
2. spray application
3. pressure impregnation

The amount to be applied depends on the absorbency of the wood. As a rule, this is 0.33kg per sqm2. Harder woods require more time for absorption. The longer the wood is exposed to G5, the deeper it is absorbed. After treatment, allow the impregnated product to dry completely, protected from the sun. When drying, avoid contact of individual impregnated woods with each other.

Environmental protection
By using "G5®" to treat the wood, toxic or harmful or persistent chemicals and wood preservatives can be dispensed with. The product is purely mineral, binds CO2 and leaves no harmful substances in nature. It does not contain any solvents, is therefore emission-free (VOC-free) and allows problem-free application in closed rooms. The application of G5 is harmless to flora and fauna (even bee-safe).

G5® - Certification for fire resistance ( DIN EN 13 823 / EN 13 823 ) by the Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart / 30 min. fire resistance (60 and 90 min. currently in final testing)

G5®- Certification for termite and insect protection by the "University of Mississippi Forest and Wildlife Department of Sustainable BIOPRODUCTS" (100% protection against Formosa termites)

Increased strength or stiffness by a factor of 3 to 5 allows higher loads and spans. This revolutionises timber construction, as timber treated with G5 can replace steel and concrete. In some applications, this can also save timber, as thinner timber elements can possibly be used. (Self-test required)

Product Features:
- 100% biological-inorganic water-based components
- Transparent
- Odorless
- Quick drying
- No VOC's (volatile substances)

Mode of action:
- Mineralizes the surface
- Acts immediately after application
- The fibers remain breathable after processing
- Significantly increases static stability of the treated wood
- Binds CO2

- Available with different color pigments
- Degree of protection adjustable depending on the application (custom)

Areas of application for G5c WOOD PROTECT:

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