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Here are some reasons why you should only use 100% natural wood preservatives:


Wood protection test
Exposure even after decades

In the past, Stiftung Warentest has tested more than 5,000 wood samples for chemical contamination. The results are alarming and show that the problems still exist. Even decades after application, the wood preservatives are still detectable in many wood samples. And not only in low concentrations. Sometimes, concentrations of more than 100 milligrams of PCP per kilogram of wood (mg/kg) can be found in the chips. The reason: the toxins are not readily volatile. This means that the residues can be detected in the wood for a very long time. Individual molecules can therefore outgas even after decades without being seen or smelled. They then accumulate on house dust, for example, and pollute the air we breathe.


Allergy sufferers, environmental sickness, EHS, MCS and consequences thereof for the building industry

30% are already allergy sufferers, which requires a rethink of wood protection.
A population share of "allergy sufferers" of already 30 % results in the necessity to consider not only questions of "toxic" but also "sensitising" substances also in public buildings, especially schools, kindergartens, sports facilities.