Green Wood Protect - Holzschutz

wood protection / wood stain / fire protection / waterproof / insect protection / uv protection / fireproof / surface protection / anti termite / anti mold / anti insect


G5 greenwoodprotect ist ein innovativer Holzschutz auf biologisch-anorganischer Wasserbasis.

G5 permanently binds 100% with the wood fibre. It mineralises the surface of the treated product naturally and contains no harmful substances for humans, animals or the environment.

G1 greenwoodprotect ist ein innovativer Feuerschutz für Holz im Innenraum.

G7 greenwoodprotect ist ein innovativer Holzkleber, welches Holz unwiederruflich verbindet.

G5c greenwoodprotect ist ein innovativer Holzschutz speziell für Konstuktionsholz.

G55 Löschmittel

G55 wood protect, fights all fires of fire class A and B is biodegradable and serves as a natural fertiliser after fire fighting.

G55 forms a mixture with water that is ready for immediate use and increases the extinguishing power of water by a factor of 100. (depending on the mixing ratio)

Special foaming equipment or other special equipment is not required. However, they can be used.

G55 is also excellent for containing forest fires and wildfires.